Carpooling and Sustainable Transportation Benefits

  1. Encouraging active transportation at work improves employee health, both physically and mentally. Employees will be healthier, happier, more productive, and more alert. This will lead to a more productive workstyle.
  2. Employers save money in mass parking fees, from unforeseen employee delays, health care costs, and other transportation related costs. Employees save money from costs related to car ownership, such as maintenance, fuel and parking expenses.
  3. Become a community leader by promoting multimodal transportation in the work place to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases. It will also improve air quality from decreasing traffic congestion.
  4. Employers can receive a tax benefit for costs related to sustainable transportation. The Federal tax code allows employers to reduce payroll taxes for qualified transit, train, carpooling, and biking benefits. Learn more about these benefits from the Internal Revenue Service
  5. It’s more fun to sustainably commute! Riding a bike home on the river trail is more fun than being stuck in traffic.